The Real Me

Catching up

-My computer may be dying. I am sad; I will miss my friends and a special guy I had been flirting with. Oh, well. I can't stay online for very long without it going wonky. Expect more phone calls shortly. If I don't have your number and you'd like a call, feel free to send me a note. I'll check from the library if it does die.

-I am a walking fool! I love it. I have been walking at least an hour everyday. I have lost 5 pounds. Yay!

-I love my cat, but she is mean. And will not let me love her. Boo!

-I am working a double shift this 4th of July. I'm hoping to use the extra to get some memory for my camera and start teaching myself to post images. Should be fun. Of course, this is given I have enough to get my computer fixed as well. I just hope I survive being at that place 16 consecutive hours.

-I want to grow tomatoes and basil; maybe rosemary, too. I am jealous of you, cerulean_scars!

-I have to find a way to get off work on the 18th. The Sicilian is getting married. With all he's done for me, I want to be there on his big day. I miss my buddy, but I'm big on respecting his fiancee. It would be SO nice if I could see him more often.

-Hearing from a friend in NY more often. He moved there from Minnesota after I left St. Paul. He met a woman online and made the trip and they are HAPPY!

-Seriously, I didn't particularly like Michael Jackson pedo jokes when he was ALIVE, let alone the endless barrage of them now. They are tasteless, facile and frankly most are just not funny. Let it go. If he did anything or not, it's still tragic. And he was an icon. Let it go. Just saying it here because I have to bite my tongue at work.

-I am going to let my sick computer rest now. Best to all!
Doakes and Dex

Drive by

-Had tubes put in my ear drums to drain the fluid that was STILL there even after the steroids. Hearing a LOT better now. Hope it stays that way.

-Have a mandatory meeting to go to in an hour. On my day off. To tell us we're not getting our yearly raise. Good times...

-Finally finishing up the books that I forgot to renew: "Notorious Victoria" done; "Up in the Air: the story of aviator Bessie Coleman" children's biography of Bessie Coleman done; four more and I'll be caught up.

-Still walking almost every day for nearly an hour.

-Paid phone and electric. My phone bill went up nearly $20. It may be time to get a new package for a year so that it's cheaper.

-Can't find my cell phone. Odd. I rarely use it, but like having it in case I'm late or need to check in with Eric.

-Since I wasn't taking classes, I added another shift at work. I will soon be eligible for insurance again. Yeah!

-Skills are expensive! I wanted to take a glassblowing class. It's SO pricey. I don't even WANT to know how expensive a woodworking or metalworking class would be. I still haven't learned to knit -- people keep backing out on me. I may go get a cheap sewing machine from Goodwill and play around with it myself.

-Still laughing at the first episode of Season 2 for True Blood. Good times. We get our pleasure where we may...
Coffee Squirrel

Writer's Block: Rabbit Rabbit!

It's the first day of the month. If you could have one wish come true this month, what would it be?

One wish? Right this second? Why, then I'd win a car, free and clear, out of the blue. That's all. And I'd STILL walk and take the bus when in town. I just wish I had more regular means to get out of town and dole out punishment to a very naughty man. The rest I'd take care of on my own...
Coffee Squirrel

Dancing Machine

Alright. We're all aware there are hours of video footage of me dancing in the elevators of office buildings. I love to dance in private. The longer it takes to get to where the elevator needs to go, the more frenzied my dancing. Fine. I'll let them amuse themselves by rewinding and watching me do the wop, the booty dance and my silly wiggling all over the place (I have yet to master the running man. Thank gods it's out of style and has been for years. Still. It would be nice to have in my dance repertoire just to be obnoxious around friends one day). It is public space.

I found out, though, that there is a hidden video camera in the breakroom at work. Yes. Where I am right now. I dance in the breakroom when no one is around. I mean, I dance A LOT. How embarrassing. I'll get over it. And I do find it amusing. But still -- my supervisors have access to me imitating Beyonce'. Tell me that's not blush-inducing! I don't think it will stop me from dancing. But where's a morbidly shy private dancer to dance when the urge hits her and she's not at home -- and she'd rather not be on camera?
I aim to misbehave


I walked to work. The conversation between my body and mind after I showered and was headed to the door went like this:

Mind: It's going to take me an hour to walk. An hour is forever! I'll die!

Body: Calm down, calm down.

Mind: My lungs will burst from my chest! I'llbealone and dierightthereonthestreeeeeet!

Body: Take off. Seriously. Just go somewhere.

Mind: Go?

Body: (::daps up mind::) Yeah. Just go. Do you. I got this...


And now I'm at work! I may actually get to the point where I can run. I made it in slightly less than an hour.
I aim to misbehave

Drive by

*Two-thirds done with "Dead and Gone" by Charlaine Harris. Sookie Stackhouse novels are so fun! I had to work today, so I'll finish it tonight.

*Thinking about trying to find a new job, but afraid in this state. It has the 3rd highest unemployment. But I really feel like a job has jumped the shark if they are going corporate and rearranging and you're HOPING to get fired but too scared to do anything to ensure it.

*I have not been to the gym since I don't have school. I feel it. I kind of want to run, but it scares me. I always feel it's for long-legged people. I'm also afraid of looking silly doing it; sad but true. I think I may walk a block and run a block for 30 min a day and see if I get further each week.

*I may put out an ad to do editing. I want to earn extra money and feel useful on the days I don't work. And I want to earn extra money to buy a used car. I love the bus, but I'm feeling trapped. It doesn't go very far. I feel sad in a state with such wonders just a few hours drive away and I can't see them because neither train nor bus go there. Plus there's a cute guy an hour away who I'd like to see more of. So there.

*I still don't know what to do with myself.
I aim to misbehave

Not good for you....

I'm on this kick where I want to be silly. I want to go audition to be in a movie and get laughed at. I want to paint something that has no meaning just watch others try to figure it out. I'm at work, getting ready for my shift. And everything seems absurd.

I'm going to write down some of this goofiness before I forget.

I'm trying to find out who owns the movie rights to "Fledging" by Octavia Butler. I think I could play the lead. I want to but the company that owns the rights, but my google-fu is for crap. Yeah. There's not weight to my life right now. Anything could happen. And I'm not going anywhere! Man, I feel better than I did earlier in the week.

P.S. - Thanks for the nudge!