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Ganked from a friend

Join me, won't you: List 10 things that you find physically attractive about yourself. I decided to post this because I think it's always so much easier to list the shortcomings. Thanks, recumbentgoat!

1. My eyes: I have large round eyes with heavy lids. I love how I can make them blank, warm, empty or cold at will. My lashes are long. I sometimes feel them gently scrape my glasses when I blink. They're that long.

2. I love my calves. Even when I was thinner, I loved that I could touch my calves and it feels like a croquet ball covered in soft smooth skin. Hard. They POP. They are the most defined muscles on my body. I'm always flexing 'em and saying: "Touch my calves! That's from walkin' a lot!" While being a little envious of those who can slide into those tall, slim boots, I'd rather have the muscle. Thanks.

3. My skin. I used to have a fabulous facial complection. It's not so great lately. The rest of my skin has held up well, though. Why do I have to qualify that? I love my skin. It's soft and unlined for the most part.

4. My scars. I am repulsed by and proud of them.

5. My wide, flat feet. I like the way they look in shoes. And they are fish white on the bottom while the rest of my skin is a chocolate brown.

6. My mouth. I love the shape of my mouth. I like smirking at myself in the mirror when I wash my hands. I look confident when I look at myself. When I interact with others, I sort of shrink away, though.

7. My gray hair. I point out the patch to those who don't believe I'm over 20. I love it: all silvery and wonderful.


Well. I guess I'm spent. recumbentgoat only got to four. I pushed it and included the scars. Perhaps that would take me down to six. But I DO find them attractive. I just find them repulsive as well. *shrug* Give it go!
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