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At least it's not a meme, right? - This is Lula — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Angelic Fruitcake

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At least it's not a meme, right? [Sep. 28th, 2005|02:39 pm]
Angelic Fruitcake
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |"Centerfold" - J. Giles Band]

Just another note for those who are tired of "those people" being poor and dirty and rioting.



From: aedh_rua
2005-09-28 04:31 pm (UTC)
Yabut, come on! What are poverty, racism, endemic corruption (in the N.O. case), and the fact that the world has abandoned you to die (also in NOLA) compared with more serious problems like $4 pretzels, a losing football team, or American beer? You have to get you priorities straight!
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[User Picture]From: lula_neith
2005-09-29 07:56 am (UTC)

*snort* You're right!

You can't hold it against someone for stomping someone in a cheesehead hat! LOL!
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