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just an aside. i'm as disappointed as anyone that kerry lost. i feel he should have held out a bit longer, but what can you do? i'm fascinated by how childish some become, though -- i got a comment of swear words and 8th grade silliness to my journal with no explanation. and then he/she calls ME a weirdo. *giggle* silliness.

well, moving on to more *important* things now that the election IS over, i've purchased a ticket for the spring. eric and i are going to amsterdam for a month. eric might stay longer if he can. i'll need to get some cash together for the place to stay. eric suggests a hostel. but even at a hostel for a month, i've got to make sure we have enough for whatever happens. and for a couple months of travel insurance. i think i can pull it off. i've got 'til april. i just want to explore for a bit. everything i've read on paper implies that there are many things, as far as societal needs, that europe provides better than we do. even on practical things like living longer, we're number 14 on the list, not number one as americans think we are in everything. even with the smoking and drinking, france beats us on longevity, at least on the list i looked at. i just don't want to be reflexive about it (europe is better)without seeing it.

i've been to england, but only for a week. you don't get the full sense of a society so quickly, i don't think. a month will be better. and one thing this election did was make me realize how unnecessary it is to put things off. i feel like i have to enjoy things while i can and stop chasing money just to get by. it seems i'll always be in that situation unless i win the lottery, so i may as well enjoy life anyway.

better go. customer.

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