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my weekend is almost over.

okay. so i was talking about some random older guy who was an interpreter. i was wondering about language and about whether there's an age where one should give up. i think i'll still study for myself. but i think at this age, it's not hopeless, but not likely that i'll be fluent in anything but english. and that's okay i guess.

i missed going to churh with a co-worker. i heard her leaving the message, but i couldn't force myself to get out of bed. i was up until 3am. it was not going to happen. i'm not immediately judgemental. i don't mind giving a visit to christian churches. what initially interested me was that she said that the church was very open to her. she's a lesbian and she and her partner will have their commitment ceremony in the church. frankly, i think that there are more important things for those of faith to worry about than who a person loves sexually. they also don't take a literalist view of the bible. maybe i'll give it a try next week. maybe. there's another lady at work who talks about church a lot. her church sounds more hardcore as far as who they'll "let in". they wouldn't have gay folks, yet a woman with three children who has never been married is perfectly okay. *shrugs* what can you do?

anyway, church doesn't make something holy. i think communion does: the mixing of people's spirits in a common...state of grace. is that too christian? deal with it. i'm into grace these days. and i've seen a lot of it. and i've found that expecting more brings more. i wasn't sure if i was going to go out because i got such a late start and if things start of sketchy, i generally chuck it all and stay home. but i was jonesing for some more grace and so i went to the restaurant to meet and say goodbye to greenkira the party was leaving when i got there, headed back to the house. i slammed one drink. i helped empty the last of a bottle of cherry vodka. i didn't even recognize kenfrequed because i was so happy to see aedh_rua out and about. i wasn't sure if i should go back to the house to continue because i didn't know what my place was. i was a little uncomforble. i was grumbling internally about whether i should have come. yet, i belonged because i was a well-wisher. and i felt more comfy as soon as i got into the car with greenkira and anthony_arndt.

aedh_rua went on to the party as well. it was great to see him. he looks so good with his new lady. as usual i feel grateful when he's around, even though we don't talk much. he left too soon. i didn't get to know his lady, but she seemed kind and cat-like (i don't know why, but she made me think of a nice housecat). anyway, i hope he goes to maine. he can travel for me...

i was surprized that i had such a nice time. i did a little dance before i left the house. i sang in the shower as i got ready, even though i was late. and i was sure that because i had a feeling it would be a good night that it would turn out to be me sitting in a corner and watching everyone wishing i could say something. but i didn't care. i hope i wasn't too obnoxious, but i didn't care. i said what i wanted, but i also didn't feel i had to say something clever. i just had fun.

then i came home. and i didn't get up for church. eris doesn't care. and oya doesn't care. urzulie might be a little sad, but she has her sad days. bast doesn't care. morrigan doesn't mind. she knows there are times you have to apply learning rather than reflect. am i right?

i'm gonna do some more research on zimbabwe and tell you what i found out. i know that the climate makes it difficult to find things in sub-saharan africa that point to the structure of their pre-colonial civilizations, but what else is there? i know that there's something magical hiding there. and i want to know more about new zealand and australia. what's fascinating is that new zealand is actually more a proud member of the commonwealth than austrailia. and their relations with the maori are better than australia's with the aborigional tribes there. part of the reason is sports. the maori have strong constitutions and are sports-minded. this gives them a cultural in. there are maori folk on rugby and football (soccer) teams and posters everywhere with maori smiles. the aboriginal folks in austrailia are not generally sports-minded. does this make sense? i'm really NOT talking shit. look it up! what's fascinating also is that no one knows where the aborigine physiognomy(sp?) comes from. maori folk are built like other polynisian groups, but aborigional australians aren't made like anyone else. it's like the isolated gene pool that created weird wonderful animals like the kangaroo and the wombat and the koala also made a weird and wonderful people!

anyway. i've gone off on enough tangents. and i'm not a student here at macalester. perhaps i should let someone use this machine who might actually have homework or something to do...

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