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Happy Halloween!

I treated myself to a day out. I went to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art on the U of O campus to see an exhibit of Comic Book art. Yeah. I capitalized Comic Book. What of it? Then I moved down the street and saw a small, authentic exhibit of Dia de los Muertos-related art at the Maude Kearns Art Center. No sugar skulls were given away, darn it, but the art was great.

I stopped at a restaurant to kill time while waiting for the bus. Bad habit, I know. But they had a promotion going on whereby they flipped a coin and if it was heads, you get your food free. It was heads! Great day, over all.

While out and about seeing the exhibits, I saw some costumes. I saw a woman dressed in a full-body penguin costume -- the yellow bill protruding from her forehead. She was carrying a purse as daintily as if she were in a ball gown. I saw Alex and a few of his droogies from A Clockwork Orange. I saw a couple of skanky schoolgirls, a French maid, Captain Jack Sparrow, and a fairy.

I always think about participating in Halloween but never do. I figure why work and struggle to come up with a costume to make myself more self-conscious than I already am in my own skin. I figure next year I'll get over it. Maybe I'll go as a gnome or a Hobbit or something. Or something with wings. I want wings! Green insect-type wings or fairy wings or feathery angel-y wings. I'm going to dress up next year. And I'll photos to prove it. Maybe by then I'll even have the camera and camera skills to do it myself.
Tags: costumes, exhibits, free food, halloween, self-image
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