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Tuesday check in this week.

-First day of classes went well. Both teachers seem very funny and passionate. I've got Intro to Lit (to refresh myself) and Gender and Literature. I'm waiting to see if I can officially get into the Gender and Lit class this Thursday. Got the reading material anyway.

-Still doing the running. Since school started, I can use their treadmill tomorrow for my walk/run.

-Lots of reading and two short papers due this coming Thursday. First day was PACKED. A lot of work. I'm excited, though.

-We had a mandatory meeting last week. We have another one tomorrow. There were worries about one of our largest clients not renewing their contract. There would be layoffs if they don't renew. Pathetic in this time where people are stressed about no jobs, but I hope that I do get laid off. I wonder if that's what this surprise mandatory meeting is about.

-Things are going well. I'm hoping that these classes spur me to write. I haven't completed anything. Ever. I want to at least get back into regular writing, whether I complete anything or not.

-Still trying to arrange for volunteer work. No one gets back to me! Gahh. Seriously, you'd think they'd want the help. Oh, well.

That is all for now.
Tags: check in, meeting, school, work
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