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Now you have it, now you don't...

A message was left on my phone this morning. It turns out that even though I have increased my hours to the required amount to be eligible for insurance; and even though I've filled out the forms and was =told= that I'm now on the insurance -- surprise! I'm not. And won't be until January. Nice.

Good thing I'm taking a class this fall. When you're at school, you can go to their health care center for free. It's also a good thing I haven't made another appointment anywhere. I'm grateful for the good health so far. I'm nervous if I DO need to go in for anything. I'm still paying off the price for having the tubes put in my ears.

I feel no shame whatsoever at applying for different jobs. And the only -- the ONLY -- reason they will get a two week notice is because I don't want to screw my coworkers over. OK. I just had to vent. There are happy things, too. I had a fabulous time at the wedding and will do a post on that after our mandatory meeting later today ::eye roll::
Tags: bills, ears, insurance, not, scool this fall, wedding, work
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