January 2nd, 2010

Coffee Squirrel

Happy New Year!

It's 2010. I'm going to be 40 this year. I have a lot yet to do.

I have three tests to take before I can apply to the local university. I wish I had taken them sooner, but I waited too late. And the loss of the job in October threw me. I've got a new job now. It took me a month, which is not long to find something in this state in this economy. We're third, I believe, with out unemployment numbers. Third highest percentage unemployed, that is.

I like my new job. I'm working with The Sicilian again, which is fun. But I only see him in passing and on those days he gives me a ride home. I'm grateful for that, though. He's a blast and I'm glad to be near him again.

I'm dreaming and getting my voice back again. I have always admired self-taught people, while thinking that I am not one of those who could teach myself. I'm changing my attitude about that. I'm trying to think of it all as play. I'm wanting to learn guitar. I'm wanting to run. I want to write and draw more regularly. I am doing it. At least more than I had been.

I feel like a teenager again. Awkward, ambling, ambitious. So there. I'm wishing so much healing for those of my friends having a hard time at the beginning of this year -- and there are enough. And I'm wishing more joy than you can hold.
Coffee Squirrel

Eric Moments

Eric: Is that Foreigner? Or Journey? They're the same band, you know.

Me: (glaring) They are NOT! Journey's so much better. How could you mistake them for each other?

Eric: It's like the Commodores and Kool & the Gang. They sound alike!

Me: WHAT?! The Commodores are a million times better. What's wrong with you?

Eric: Same.

Me: Shut up.


Eric: (after 2 episodes of Battlestar Galactica) You know. I wouldn't mind if you were a Cylon.


Eric: (after days and days of playing his 'new' Parlaiment/Funkadelic vinyl) Come away from the computer. Dinner's ready.

Me: (muttering) Yeah...I'll be there in a minute.

Eric: Am I gonna have to put my handcuffs on you, mama?

Me: Get away from me.