September 15th, 2009


Tuesday check in this week. Moving forward...

-I'm back on insurance. It best be permanent this time.

-I may actually be able to get financial aid this term. It will be the last term I'll get it -- until I get into a program. But since I didn't get it last spring, I just may get it now. This will be an unbelievable financial help.

-Unfortunately, the classes I want are all full now after the fighting to get stuff together. I was told to go the first day anyway and see if we get a no show or drops the first week. I will also write to the teachers and see what they can do, if anything, to get me in.

-I am pleased with a lot of things in my personal life and frustrated with others. Working on clearing that up and making decisions. But I'm more pleased than not, so that's me being ahead of the game, no?

-I have been letting things rattle me at the job that normally wouldn't. I'm realizing it's because in my heart, I'm gone already. I am just. Not. There. I'm already looking to next summer and beginning the teaching program. But I can't let that stop my from doing the day to day things and hanging in there to finish what I need to so that I can get INTO the program.

-I have not been great with the budget thing, but I'm trying to just reign myself back in rather than beat myself up and cause more comfort spending. I'll get there.

-I am sending good thoughts to those of you on my list who are needing it. And even those who don't. I really do think of you when I'm not here. Be well!