September 8th, 2009

Coffee Squirrel

Checking in

-I found out I still have time to take the three tests needed to apply for teaching. Just working on finding out the costs.

-I've called the nearby high school about volunteering. Waiting for a call back.

-I killed my Myspace account and am pleased with how little it's bothering me.

-I am...daunted by how much planning it takes to not eat out. And am trying to find easy (easy, super easy) recipes so that I can get over how very stressful it can be, watching mofos eat burgers and delivered pizza all around you at work while you whip out a PB & J. No, not even that I necessarily want some. Just feeling on the outs and have folks look at me when I say "No, saving money. Sorry." As if it's a foreign concept. Yep. I'm looking at -- just saying. It's daunting when you've never cooked for yourself. I'll get there. And I'm considering ordering a paper or buying just on Sundays to get coupons to try to plan things out for the week...

-I am working on a budget that I can live with so that I can leave the plastic at home. I want to spend what I allow myself on =doing= something rather than buying fast food out of a need for comfort. And no more coffee drinks unless I'm out with another person. That's like drinking alcohol alone. It's sad. Especially when we =have= a coffeemaker at home, glaring at me for not using it.

-Deferring my student loans. Again. I met a guy who, with his lady, paid for his house in three years because he hates debt and his parents set a bad example, going into bankruptcy several times and still spending on electronics and clothes. He said: "It wasn't bad. No TV, no car, and no credit cards. And we had fun. It was just free fun." When they went to their favorite Chinese restaurant, the owner remembered them. She wondered why she hadn't seen them. They explained and she said: "Congratulations! I didn't think Americans could do that." She gave them a small break on their dinner and a glass of wine for each of them. He's my budget inspiration guy. This debt thing is getting old. And I don't even have a car. I'm working on finding budget stuff that works for me.