June 30th, 2009

The Real Me

Catching up

-My computer may be dying. I am sad; I will miss my friends and a special guy I had been flirting with. Oh, well. I can't stay online for very long without it going wonky. Expect more phone calls shortly. If I don't have your number and you'd like a call, feel free to send me a note. I'll check from the library if it does die.

-I am a walking fool! I love it. I have been walking at least an hour everyday. I have lost 5 pounds. Yay!

-I love my cat, but she is mean. And will not let me love her. Boo!

-I am working a double shift this 4th of July. I'm hoping to use the extra to get some memory for my camera and start teaching myself to post images. Should be fun. Of course, this is given I have enough to get my computer fixed as well. I just hope I survive being at that place 16 consecutive hours.

-I want to grow tomatoes and basil; maybe rosemary, too. I am jealous of you, cerulean_scars!

-I have to find a way to get off work on the 18th. The Sicilian is getting married. With all he's done for me, I want to be there on his big day. I miss my buddy, but I'm big on respecting his fiancee. It would be SO nice if I could see him more often.

-Hearing from a friend in NY more often. He moved there from Minnesota after I left St. Paul. He met a woman online and made the trip and they are HAPPY!

-Seriously, I didn't particularly like Michael Jackson pedo jokes when he was ALIVE, let alone the endless barrage of them now. They are tasteless, facile and frankly most are just not funny. Let it go. If he did anything or not, it's still tragic. And he was an icon. Let it go. Just saying it here because I have to bite my tongue at work.

-I am going to let my sick computer rest now. Best to all!