June 16th, 2009

Doakes and Dex

Drive by

-Had tubes put in my ear drums to drain the fluid that was STILL there even after the steroids. Hearing a LOT better now. Hope it stays that way.

-Have a mandatory meeting to go to in an hour. On my day off. To tell us we're not getting our yearly raise. Good times...

-Finally finishing up the books that I forgot to renew: "Notorious Victoria" done; "Up in the Air: the story of aviator Bessie Coleman" children's biography of Bessie Coleman done; four more and I'll be caught up.

-Still walking almost every day for nearly an hour.

-Paid phone and electric. My phone bill went up nearly $20. It may be time to get a new package for a year so that it's cheaper.

-Can't find my cell phone. Odd. I rarely use it, but like having it in case I'm late or need to check in with Eric.

-Since I wasn't taking classes, I added another shift at work. I will soon be eligible for insurance again. Yeah!

-Skills are expensive! I wanted to take a glassblowing class. It's SO pricey. I don't even WANT to know how expensive a woodworking or metalworking class would be. I still haven't learned to knit -- people keep backing out on me. I may go get a cheap sewing machine from Goodwill and play around with it myself.

-Still laughing at the first episode of Season 2 for True Blood. Good times. We get our pleasure where we may...