May 29th, 2009

Coffee Squirrel

Dancing Machine

Alright. We're all aware there are hours of video footage of me dancing in the elevators of office buildings. I love to dance in private. The longer it takes to get to where the elevator needs to go, the more frenzied my dancing. Fine. I'll let them amuse themselves by rewinding and watching me do the wop, the booty dance and my silly wiggling all over the place (I have yet to master the running man. Thank gods it's out of style and has been for years. Still. It would be nice to have in my dance repertoire just to be obnoxious around friends one day). It is public space.

I found out, though, that there is a hidden video camera in the breakroom at work. Yes. Where I am right now. I dance in the breakroom when no one is around. I mean, I dance A LOT. How embarrassing. I'll get over it. And I do find it amusing. But still -- my supervisors have access to me imitating Beyonce'. Tell me that's not blush-inducing! I don't think it will stop me from dancing. But where's a morbidly shy private dancer to dance when the urge hits her and she's not at home -- and she'd rather not be on camera?