March 25th, 2009

I aim to misbehave


I was just thinking about how most things work out. Fortune and misfortune can often come disguised as their opposite.

2004 was a whopper of a year. I had my car totaled by a drunk driver, then my brother was diagnosed with cancer, and finally, I was fired from my job. I was just going over the whole thing with someone and was astounded by the fabulous timing of EVERY 'bad' thing that happened: I would NOT have been able to afford the car anymore since I was fired 2 weeks after it was smashed. And I was going to ask for time off anyway to go see my ill brother. I was fired. I got unemployment. And I went to Chicago without a worry of having to rush back to a job. I was able to stay. I was with him until he died.

I have GOT to keep things in perspective when I don't get what I think I want. I may come back to this idea again if I need to. I'm grateful. I am.

Yesterday, I went to the ear specialist. He was kind and warm. He said the hole in the ear had healed, but there's lots of fluid. He even gave me a 30% discount on the visit since I have no insurance. I love that guy. To quote him: "I give insurance companies discounts. And having no insurance, YOU need the discount more than they do." Yay, for understanding ear specialist doctor dude! I was prescribed steroids to try to dry up the rest of the fluid in my ears. I smiled from ear to ear. I like steroids -- as long as I don't have to be on them for months at a time. They make me feel strong, potent and randy. They help me get stuff done. I don't lounge as much when I'm on steroids. No, I don't want them all the time. I just enjoy the times I'm on them. I have addictive traits, but not for drugs for some reason. I LOVED the vicodin I had after surgery in 2006. I adored the cloud I was in and that I didn't feel pain. Then I ran out of them. And I was fine. I'm more of a gobbler than one who has to hunt down the same experience.

At any rate, I'm on steroids again. He said if that doesn't work, then he'll have to put holes in my ears to drain them. This would be an office procedure. If THAT doesn't work, we'll have to check into hearing aids. First things first: I'm enjoying the steroids.

I'm going to end this now, saying: "Thank you, forces of the universe, for NOT giving me what I want all the time."
Coffee Squirrel

How many close calls will we get?

PARIS (AFP) – Stunned astronomers watched a car-sized asteroid explode into a brilliant meteor shower as it crashed into Earth's atmosphere, and then wandered into a Sudan desert to pick up the pieces, a study released Wednesday reported.

It was the first time ever that scientists recovered fragments from an asteroid detected in space, according to the study, published in the British journal Nature.

"Any number of meteorites have been observed as fireballs and smoking meteor trails as they come through the atmosphere," said co-author Douglas Rumble, a researcher at the Carnegie Institution.

"But to actually see this object before it gets to the Earth's atmosphere and then follow it in -- that's the unique thing."

Source and the Rest of the Article Here

::I wish I could see video of this if there is any. Just amazing! I wonder if we'll get another Grand Canyon one of these years?::