March 21st, 2009

Doakes and Dex

In a Movie Fog...

I just saw "Things Behind the Sun", an Allison Anders film. I can't even say whether it was good or bad yet. There were impressive performances. There were many things that resonated.

It was about a broken singer/songwriter woman. And how she got broken. It was more than that, too. Heavy stuff. I'm not certain, but I may want to write more about some things this brought up for me personally. Just noting this.

If you've seen it, please share your thoughts. If not, note it is NOT for children. It is not fun. And I can see how it might be triggering, depending on your personality, experiences, etc. I don

More than that, I wonder how Allison Anders does it. Where does she get her money to make the movies? How does she live? No joke, she does stuff like this on a shoestring. She gets strong actors; Eric Stoltz, when in the right role, HAS something. And Don Cheadle. Well. But not many people I speak to have heard of her.

Anyway, here's a video with an interview with Allison Anders. I guess I get how she did it. She just wanted to. Oh, by the way, please ignore the last full minute of that video. You'll thank me later. It may induce vomiting. Blech. No. Allison Anders did NOT direct "Loving Annabelle". Ick.