February 17th, 2009

Coffee Squirrel

Hearing update

Hearing is SO much like touch. Eric said: "I'm going to go out." I didn't hear a word; the cadence of the sounds were familiar. It just =felt= like all the times he's said he was going out for a cigarette. And he moved toward the door with his jacket. If you know a person well, a lot of communication is just gesture. But then...

I went to work for some training thing they're having us do. I didn't catch much of what anyone said. I nodded and smiled a lot. I hope I didn't agree to anything stupid. I just got sick of asking people to repeat themselves when they already know my ears are wonky right now. How extremely frustrating. If my hearing doesn't come back, I'm learning ASL and just ignoring all those gums flapping since half of them can't even do me the favor of looking at me when speaking to me. This I would consider a courtesy, even if I COULD hear what they were saying. Now I'm going to have to get books on Deaf culture.

I'm also considering a personal challenge to myself. I was unpacking books and decided I won't buy another one until I've read every single book I own. I've read a good chunk, but not all. I'll allow myself a library book now and then (right now I've got: "The Ten-Cent Plague" by David Hajdu. It's about comic books). I will focus on what I own, though. I'll start with "Gorilla, My Love" by Toni Cade Bambara since a friend said it was good and I recognized the name. I =knew= I had it. I'll start it tonight.

Later! ::does sign for 'I love you'::