February 16th, 2009

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These are some folks I haven't heard from in a while and thought I'd use their names to see if they pop up.

Make a list of 5 things you can see:
My bookshelf.
My Skunk Anansie CD.
A bottle of nail polish remover (very old).
My Holy Chao keychain.
My checkbook.

Would you ever get plastic surgery?
I have had it. I'm ambivalent about it. I had a breast reduction (well, both of them. Ha). It was covered by insurance. They were a strain on my back, but I wasn't crippled. Still not clear whether it was 'right', but it's done. I don't think I'd bother with anything else. It's not that serious. I'm going to get old anyway, why look old, shiny, plastic and stretched out?

What are 5 things you usually keep in your pocket/bag/wallet?
I carry a backpack on school days. I just keep my wallet and keys in my jacket on non-school days. What do I regularly carry?
-Dentine whitening spearmint gum
-Pencil case w/everything: scissors, scotch tape, stapler, calculator, safety pins, pencils
-Hand sanitizer
-School Books

What person in your life has made the biggest impact on you?
-My mother.

What is your dream occupation?
-Not having an occupation? Helping others.

Would you rather lose an arm or have an incurable headache for the rest of your life.
-Tough. How severe a headache? Chronic pain, if it's low grade, can be tuned out for chunks of time. If it were only a mild headache, I'd keep my arm, thank you.

Who is the last person you hugged?

What is your current obsession?
-Daydreaming. I'm doing less of it now that I'm feeling a bit better.
Doakes and Dex

My New Home

I'll get the boring stuff out of the way. Since I've been AWAL, it affords mentioning. Though I had said I wouldn't whine as much about my body breaking down as I get older. Let's get that done and move on: I had an ear infection, ruptured ear drum and my sinuses were for crap the week after we moved in. I didn't get an appointment for a while. I went in after my test. I felt icky but got a B. Then I was told all this; nice to know why I was hot, shivery and why my ear felt like an ice pick had been inserted.

But now I can barely hear. I already had problems with my right ear. The hearing loss in both is fairly significant. I use the closed captions on TV so I won't have to have it up loud. I'm hoping it's temporary. And I wish I could get a job editing those damn things! It's bad enough not to follow the story, but when they spell things wrong and get the context wrong it's extra aggravating. I've just been sitting close to it when I do watch it so that I can make out what's going on. My job requires hearing. And there are virtually NO jobs out there. I hope my ears get better. At least they don't hurt anymore!

Moving on: due to the illness, there was an obvious delay in unpacking. We're working on it. We got a new dishwasher as the old one didn't work. Eric likes to wash the pots and pans himself. This is fine with me.

There's an annoying coworker who likes me. Some days I have patience for her. We're going to see "Let the Right One In", a Swedish vampire movie. I've wanted to see it since I've heard about it. Now it's only here for a week. We're going tomorrow night to the local art film house to see it. Should be fun.

Cassandra, our cat, has had her issues with the move as well. Poor thing had missing hair where flea bites gave her an allergic reaction. She's been treated. I hope her fur grows back nicley. She's a short-haired tortoiseshell kitty. Eric adores her. I do, too. We both think she hates us! tee, hee. She lets you get in almost exactly three pets, then she'll turn and try to bite you. Most of the time, she growls if you pick her up. Yeah, we torture her and pick her up to give her loving anyway. We put her down when she starts to flip out. Some days, though, she lets us. I believe she's enjoying having more room. She hasn't begged as much to go outside. And though she lived outside for a long while, when we open the door, she seems apprehensive to even go near the out of doors. Oh, well. She's slowly getting calmer. I was worried about bladder or urinary issues. They seem to have abated. The vet said it could be stress from the move and I'm hoping that's so.

Ah, well. More later.