January 14th, 2009

Coffee Squirrel

Itching to move...

I have two apartments I've applied for. I'm needing to move as this place will shortly price me out.

The one place is further away. I'm not sure how I'd get home from work Thursday nights -- I'll probably end up catching a cab. I get a ride now as I'm not too far away from the job and co-workers on my evening shifts have been gracious to drop me off before heading home themselves. This apartment is much, much further from the job. It's closer to the school, however. I had no fee to pay when applying for this place. It's near many businesses I may make use of. A coworker lives in the complex, but he has a different shift. This means he would either be happily sleeping or just coming to work himself during the time I would need a ride.

The second place is the one I really want. It's a block away. No changes of businesses. We'd still be across the street from the library (JOY!). I'd still be able to get a ride home the nights I needed. But they've had SO many more hoops. I had an application fee. They need a co-signer now since I don't make three times what I'll be paying in rent. o_0 If I had that much, I'd OWN a home, mofo! And do they realize I'm paying more out of my income for the place I'm in NOW, which is why I'm moving? At any rate, I've broken down and asked the Sicilian via voice mail. I'm waiting for a response. They also need a letter for Eric proving he's getting disability AND a copy of my check stub. I mean, I'm pulling my hair out getting the paperwork and fees together. The apartment has been vacant since early December. It's almost like they don't WANT to fill it. Every time I bring the woman one piece of information, she needs another.

So what is your bet? That I jump through the hoops for the place I really want, and it somehow ends up being a nightmare? Or I take the 'easier' place, initially feel annoyed at not living closer to work, but end up liking it? That I fight for the place I want, even though it wears me out to run around town on top of school and work; I get it and end up LOVING it? I'm not sure at this point. But a move must be made...