January 5th, 2009

Coffee Squirrel

Drive by

First day of school done. I'm feeling really, really good about this term. Going back to the school tomorrow to hit the gym and to study a few hours. I got a new notebook to get the school stuff organized, even though my house still isn't.

Eric got his state ID. I have to retake the written test for my driver's license. Yeah. I lose. I'll go back on Thursday or Friday and get that done. I'm going to finally read the booklet.

I found someone on craigslist willing to meet me to teach me to knit! I'm excited. Knitting is supposed to be good for anxiety. And that can't hurt! I have the green yarn. I know how to cast on, but I can't get the stitching. I also haven't been able to to more than one row. I've had mostly good luck with craigslist. There were the rides to Portland. I wasn't chopped up and put in the trunk. I sold an air conditioner within a day when I was clearing things out to move here. I got this very G4 iMac computer for a very nice price. I got a photographer for my first set of icons. Yeah, you wade through a lot of cheesy or creepy stuff, but it's been alright to me.

I have to start out on the right foot this term. Going to go off line shortly and will do my reading for class.