January 3rd, 2009

Coffee Squirrel

Gift from the Sicilian

I called the Sicilian for a favor the other day. He's engaged now. I hadn't seen him in months and hadn't talked to him on the phone in weeks. He said he'd help me with something and would meet me after work. I called him after work to tell him to forget about the favor and that I would treat him to coffee or something.

It turns out he was having a dinner party for some of his lady's friends. He picked me up, though. We went to the grocery store and I helped him pick up last-minute things for the dinner and he told me he had a gift that he had been meaning to get over to me. I told him I was sorry if he went out of his way and that I didn't have anything for him this year. He shrugged and threw the bag at me. It was beautifully wrapped. M -- his girlfriend, now fiance' -- must have wrapped it. I opened it and there was an invite to their wedding this coming summer and an iPod.

"Noooooo!" I wailed.

He grinned. He is a technophile and has to have the newest stuff. He has an MP3 that has 30 gigs now (whatever that means). He gave his old 8 gig one to his lady and talked her into giving him the older one to give to ME! I was SO happy. I was thinking of all the songs I hadn't heard in ages that I could find and download. I thought of finding obscure reggae and world stuff for Eric that he's lost over the years.

Such a sweet gift. Now I just have to learn how to use it...