December 25th, 2008

Coffee Squirrel

Today is a good day

I'm feeling good today. I'd rather not have to go to work. I'd rather be lounging around, but I can do that tomorrow, lazy sod that I am.

I am hearing SO many great stories. And NONE have to do with the material things someone got for Christmas. I've enclosed two feel-good links at the end. I talked to some of my family yesterday. They're doing well. Eric's birthday was yesterday. On the actual gift front: I gave him two packs of turkey bacon because he wanted it. Today he got the small food processor I got for him since he cooks more than I do. I finished applications for two possible (cheaper) new places for us to live. And we sort of have a new family member. More on that later, but she meows a lot.

My coworkers are kind to me for the most part. They're happy to give me a ride home when I work second shift. That's nice not to have to walk back at midnight. I don't mind walking TO work. One of the few coworkers I have issues with doesn't work today. It's ALL good.

I better get going. I gotta get myself together for the walk to work. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!