September 15th, 2008

Noah Taylor in 'Flirting'

The Future

Not likely MY future, but the future itself poses to be ever more interesting. Yet it's always the same with we short-sighted humans on some level. This article made me think of a sort of 'Firefly'-type future. A lot of times I just think of a future here where we come up with ever-elaborate ways to pervert what might help us into a weapon. I wonder what my nieces and nephews and their kids will enjoy/suffer? Neat article. First bit and linky below: 

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists have snapped the first images of a planet outside our solar system that is orbiting a star very much like the sun."

Exciting we're able to see beyond our solar system more closely now. Only infinity to go! Alright. Back to my book. Light fare right now: 'Danse Macabre' by Laurel K Hamilton. Not even especially a fan. Just watching her word structure and repetitive tendencies, wondering what makes a bestseller -- structurally speaking. Not sure why this is one -- not being a snob. It all has its place and there are some really HOT scenes. Just musing.

I've been checking in on you all. Apologies for the silences. There may be personal excitement shortly. Eric's actually considering taking a class at the Community College I attend. Apparently you can take a free class a term if you are disabled. He's looking into it. I'm so impressed. Seriously. He rarely leaves the house. He actually enjoys people more than I do, but lacks the social skills I have (doesn't know when to smile, how to read faces to know what to do). I have skills but could do without having to use them unless I have to. I don't know how he's DONE it so far: sitting at home with so little to do or to interest him. Wish him luck! This, with my own classes starting soon and the slightly cooler weather has me excited! Fall has always been like my personal spring. Things seem to grow for me then. And blossom. Here's hoping this year continues the trend.