August 28th, 2008

Coffee Squirrel


I saw an ocean up close for the first time yesterdy. I saw the Pacific Ocean. It was windy in Florence, OR. The waves weren't very high, though. As I told a friend: it made me think of seeing a creature that could kill you with the flick of a finger and watching it =play=. Just watching the strength beneath the small waves was impressive. Knowing that last year there was a tsunami not too far away from that area.

I was grateful my co-worker took me. Thanks, Kiesha!

Coffee Squirrel

Possible Photos

So, I was contacted a couple weeks ago by a guy who remembered me from GRADE SCHOOL. He sent me a photo of my fifth grade class. I remember just about every single person there by name. I think I found a photo of Christopher Nolan. Yes, the director of The Dark Knight went to school with me for a couple of semesters. I had a crush on him. I also found a childhood photo of Adrian Belic, director of Genghis Blues. You did rent Genghis Blues didn't you? Go ahead. Rent it. Watch it. I can wait.

At any rate, as soon as I figure out how to upload photos, I'll maybe post a photo of Little Lula. I'm such a technophobe. If my friends weren't in my computer, I wouldn't bother. Ha, ha!