June 14th, 2008

Coffee Squirrel

School's Out ('till summer)

I handed in the paper for my political science class. It wasn't the best. I've been pulling A's so far. I'm just glad it's DONE! I have next week off. Then I start the whole deal again. Oh, well.

I have work tomorrow, but am not looking forward to it. The Sicilian was fired. Work will =not= be as fun. I may update my resume during my week off. I feel like my hard-headed Capricorn self. Change can be hard. When I was in Minnesota, I waffled back and forth at the job I went to for four years. Then they fired me, thank goodness. It was the first time I was fired in my life. And I needed it to start thinking of making a move to other things. I could have stayed and tried to talk myself into nursing school there. The move worked to jump-start me, though. I fight it, but change is good. Maybe this time I'll start the change myself and find a new job and quit this one.

I got the new David Sedaris book! I'm almost done with it already.  I've been reading it on the bus and at school while waiting for the Financial Aid people. I got strange looks because of my constipated face trying not to laugh out loud: watering eyes, shoulders shaking with held laughter. It's a good one. There are some odd notes, but it's Sedaris! There are plenty of classics, though.