June 11th, 2008

Coffee Squirrel

Impeachment Papers

So I've always been a hopeful pessimist. I want to believe things balance out in the long term. I think it's good to push it along. I don't normally do political stuff; I just don't feel the need to invite conflict from those who are touchy. But this is =my= journal. So here we go.

Kucinich laid the gauntlet down. I know there are some who don't think it matters. Bush is leaving office and there's no point spending time and money on something like trying to push through an impeachment at this point. Right? Well. I think it will be a shame if we don't at least try. I got a few links at the bottom there. Make use of them. Spread it around if you care to do so. If not, go in peace. I, though, don't want him to escape the mess he is leaving for us having not even a smudge on is suit. If we can spend millions investigating a smarmy, yet consensual intimate encounter, certainly we can spare a few for this. No, the impeachment will not likely go through. But then again he won't leave office forgetting we forgot.

The first is the Aljazeera story. The second is a link with the content of the articles of impeachment. Third link is to write a note online -- NOW -- to your congressmen. Finally, I love a conspiracy theory. This one isn't all that much of a stretch, either, I don't think: a link to a story about Kucinich's website mysteriously disappearing.