May 25th, 2008

Coffee Squirrel

I am Legend

I just finished watching "I am Legend" with Eric. Then as I walked around getting myself ready for bed, he said:

"I want a dog now!"

I felt like a mom making a promise to her child.

"When I finish with school, we'll get a puppy. Or TWO!"

I know. This says nothing about how I feel about the movie. It's 3:30am. I'm not feeling much of anything except warmth for Eric and wondering how my grandmother is doing. She has diabetes and is 89 and was in the hospital after my brother found her altered and muttering in her bed and not responding to him though he was right in front of her. She was fine but dehydrated the last time I talked to my mom. My mom's wondering how much she should push her to get around a bit as it would help her diabetes, but because of the diabetes she has eye issues and falls :(

I'm rambling and sleepy. I don't have enough to get to the coast during break. I guess I'll just sleep, eat and not bathe. I am so glad there are only two weeks left of  the term. Wah, wah.

I want a dog!