March 25th, 2008


Spring Break

I got my classes for next term. I have to work on resume to possibly find a new job. Possibly. Met Eric's therapist; she was pretty nice. I went with him to his appointment because I didn't have class. We got tickets to see Mad Professor this Friday. A Jamaican dub music guy. Should be fun. I missed Henry Rollins =and= Obama. They were both in town last week. I get to relax, read and watch Law & Order: SVU tonight. I tell you it's the little things that bring me joy.

I have 12 credits signed up. I am a bit nervous about keeping up on all of them, but will try to employ the method I used last term and stay at school to get all the homework done. Happily, this is last math requirement I'll have to take. I am thrilled that I made it through all those numbers!

I  have  tentatively joined a monthly book club. They  call it a book pub, as we will meet in a bar and talk about the assigned book. This month is "The Plain Truth" by Jodi Picoult, though I voted for a different book. You can't win them all. I'll read it, anyway. Then go meet with ::shudder:: people to go talk about it. Should be fun...I guess.

Finally, during my outing with Eric today, I got a 2-disc set of "Sugar in My Bowl: The very best of Nina Simone 1967-1972". I LOVED it when I got it from the library and decided to splurge. I OWN it. One of my favorites is "Do What You Gotta Do". That and her heartbreaking version of "Since I Fell for You". Yeah. Good stuff. What else?

I watched half of the first season of "Weeds" through Netflix. I'm loving that, too. No cable, so I watch what I can on DVD. I wanna check out "Californication" next. Blah, blah -- minutiae overload! tee, hee. Eric's cooking me up a turkey-burger, so I'ma run. I also have an idea for a story. That's rare. I haven't had one of those in a while. I may work on that tonight. Take care, all!