February 25th, 2008

Coffee Squirrel

Your mom's a valid dispatch

Work is deteriorating. I dread going, yet feel trapped. I had planned on going to a book store and a local restaurant to fill out applications. Nothing's going to happen unless I have another job first. Turns out, staying in bed and re-reading a biography about Nick Cave was a more attractive option. I'm a lazy sod.

The Sicilian is similarly annoyed. We have tentative plans to quit on the same day. Who knows if it will happen. The Sicilian did the photos for the new icons I uploaded. I put the one with the glasses as the default. He didn't like that one as much for artistic reasons. He said he should have had me move my glasses up or aim my head down so the frames wouldn't bisect my eyes like they do. He likes the one of me without the glasses better. I think the way they cut my eye looks old-school librarian-ish. I once had a fleeting thought about trying to be a librarian, so I don't mind the photo at all. I think he did a great job on all the photos, given what he had to work with.

So, yesterday was spent telling "your mom" jokes, drawing possibly blasphemous cartoons of the Pope ("You know it's hard out here for a Pope!"). Yes, the Pope wearing Fubu (I told the Sicilian we should put him in SeanJean instead); the Pope in a trucker's cap with the bill to the side; the Pope in the Pope-mobile. Then we played war with what we had in our wallets: his draft registration card beat out my library card, but my cousin's business card for her photo business beat his coffee card with three stamps. Anything to keep from smashing things, peeing on the $100 chairs and walking out on the job.

At any rate, I suppose the new job hunt will have to happen after class tomorrow. I don't know how serious either the Sicilian or I am about the new job. But it is becoming a drain to spend 24 hours in two days at a place I am beginning to loathe and for a company that doesn't seem concerned about its employees. I no longer have insurance with them as they raised the number of hours required for insurance. I applied for state insurance, but it seems to be only for pregnant women or parents here in OR. That and having flashbacks of having spent nearly 4 years in Minnesota at a place that kept a literal crack whore on the books (no joke. She was on a website that posted recently arrested with a link to the mugshots and arrest records) yet fired me for less than what she did. I don't know. I just have to keep picturing how much better things can be when I'm done with school. That's all I got. Homework awaits. I've procrastinated enough...

ETA: Maybe I'll have him do another set of photos in color.