February 14th, 2008

Coffee Squirrel

Student-type vagaries. Work-type vagaries. New Icon a-comin'!

So. School is proving again to be a bugger for me. Lack of motivation; lack of concentration; isolation; lack of study partner are...daunting. I may again have to drop and retake a class. We'll see. I'm not happy about it. But in the end, my GPA will be. And I'll have a better chance of getting in when I apply next year this time.

At work, the Sicilian and I keep each other from plucking our eyes out with the boredom and stress of work by various means -- as you know. The past couple of weeks, we've had new material. We have nutria hanging about the work place. I saw five under the picnic table a few months ago. The company is in the process of catching them and finding a new earthly or heavenly home for them. Who  knows where they take them when they get caught in the cage. At any rate, we've decided there should be a set of disaster movies with nutria. There have, after all, been horror movies like: "Kingdom of the Spiders" with William Shatner, "Ants", "Swarm" (with bees, of course), "The Birds", and even "The Frogs" (seriously: look it up). Here's the trilogy we've come up with:

Nutria: They aren't Neutral Anymore! - nutria start attacking and eating humans

Nutria II: The Nutritis! - a disease caught by nutria slowly changes humans to flesh-eating nutria

Nutria II: The Nutra-geddon - the last few humans fight to survive when nutria have nearly killed off the human population.

Yeah. Good times.

Lastly -- if you care to see a more recent photo of myself and want to do some work, you can have a preview before I have my new icon made. Like I said: it will be work. I have no clue about this stuff. The Sicilian is helping me (he's Sheriff John Brown on myspace). So, if you care to be one of the first to see my new photo (yeah, real exciting ::yawn::). Go to my myspace (I think it's under either lula-neith or lula-cache. (Ha, ha! Told you -- WORK, bitches!) And look at the comment by Sheriff John Brown (aka the Sicilian). He posted one of them there.

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