October 31st, 2007

Coffee Squirrel

Unused Miles

I got a notice from Northwest Airlines that I have to use my unused miles by December. I only have a couple thousand. They had an offer where you could use them to get magazines at no charge. Since I will be spending a lot of time at home and have to watch the money, I'm considering it. Two years of Scientific American and Newsweek sounds good to me!

I have a math exam tomorrow. I've had stomach issues all day and am not stressing about it.

I don't like Halloween. I prefer Samhain, but don't even celebrate that. I don't go to parties. I don't dress up in costumes. It can be amusing to watch others, but in general I don't get the hype over Halloween. Damn kids had me go out and buy treats and no one came to my door anyway. Now I'll have to eat them myself.

My favorite holiday is New Year's Day. I hate Giftmas and the condescension it engenders. But I can get with New Year's and it's sense of hope and renewal. I am pathetic and get caught up in the whole idea of being gifted with a whole new year to screw up -- more time! I know that I should think of everyday that way. Every day =is= that gift. There's something about feeling that on a grand scale along with others that makes it more...palpable at New Year's. I have few in-person friends and rarely go out for New Year's, but I still like it and will happily ring it in with Dick Clark as long as they keep that cyborg alive.... er, =is= he still alive?