October 24th, 2007

Coffee Squirrel


1. I twist my tongue around in my mouth, curling it over itself even when my lips aren't parted. I accept candy and gum from strangers so that I have something to do with my jaw and tongue. I need to start carrying my own. I'm a mooch! I may as well be two years old. I'm way too orally fixated.

2. I got TWO more sets of exercises than I thought I would in math. And I have a chemistry exam next week. I did not do well on the last one. Nervous and trying to get the math out of the way so I can just read chemistry at work this weekend. Not working: now I'm procrastinating and posting this.

3. I love to people watch when I go to the gym. I had to drop my strength training class. That made me sad. There was a girl there the first day who had serious biceps. I watched her lift. I was pleased to find she's in my Biology and Chemistry classes. Heh.

4. I hope no one is people-watching ME at the gym! You wouldn't think I went to the gym for how I look. I've just been doing treadmill for now. But still haven't lost much weight. Damn insulin resistance! If you stopped by the community college and went in their Fitness Education Center, though, you'd see me with my afro-puffs frowning and walking fast on the treadmill. And if we were there at the same time, I'd be looking at your butt. So there.

5. I need to raise my biology grade from B to A. I like all my teachers this term. My biology teacher sang the song "Tits and Ass" from A Chorus Line to help us remember Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine. Silly woman.

6. I have an appointment with a housecleaner next week. Seems like an extravagance, but they aren't as pricey as I thought. And I think it might be worth it to eat beans and rice a few nights a week so I won't pull out one of my cute afro-puffs in frustration at the state of my home!

7. I need to get in touch with bluedevilangel and have her take some new photos for new icons. Yeah. Note to self.

That is all.