September 6th, 2007

Coffee Squirrel

Ups and Downs

Okay. I was almost chipper yesterday. Today I feel like a short, ugly, fat, bleeding monster. And I'm sort of ambivalent about being a monster. It could be because I haven't been moving lately since the Kickboxing Aerobics class is over. I think I will go to the school gym Monday or Tuesday and walk on the treadmill or something. Tuesday I'm going to the local Zen Center to learn about meditation. My brain is broken. I hurt my own feelings.

I should be HAPPY! A friend who was out of state is back (though he's busy getting re-acquainted with his home). Despite feeling sad, I feel excited about that. School will start in a few weeks. That's a good thing; I was actually feeling hopeful about getting into the actual nursing program. That's good. What's going on? Have you ever been left almost empty when you should be happy? I wish I could have seen Miss M tonight, but her daughter's got a school event that she forgot about. It's good to have someone in =person=. I hate to burden Eric, but I think I'll talk to him about it. I shouldn't assume because he's got issues he doesn't need to hear mine. I'll try to be happier tomorrow....