August 8th, 2007

Coffee Squirrel

Check In

1. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that my coming into the apartment, closing the door and wailing: "My assssss! Ahhhh!" does not illicit even a raised eyebrow from Eric. The kickboxing class and the other exercising I've been doing have together caused my ass muscles pain. The buttocks, they are not pleased. I am walking like an older lady than I am. Even with the butt pains, I may take =more= exercise classes in the fall. Yeah. I know.

2. I had a voice lesson today and have realized that conversations degenerate around me. I know a few things, but when I bother to speak I bring the maturity level down to about 5th grade. We are still working on "Feeling Good". I'm listening to both the Nina Simone version and the Michael Buble version. My voice teacher and I joke about Michael Buble. We do bad redneck voices and say: "I don't know =who= he thinks he is. He knows his name is BUBBLE, not Boo-Blay. Reminds me of them Harpers down on the other end of the trailer court, sayin' Tar-jay instead o' Target!" I'm telling you, I start out talking to someone about philosophy, my math class or social theory and end up joking about their boyfriends: "But does he wipe until the paper is clean?" Or telling a bad fart joke. Or farting myself. Bad Lula. You wouldn't know I'm gonna be 40 in a few years.

3. I had time to kill after the lesson and as usual filled it with nasty sex fantasies about a friend who is currently out of state. And as usual, my fantasies expand to the absurd: He's going to be helping an old friend relocate, so in the fantasy I take them both on. Then I take a break and go to Starbuck's for a white chocolate mocha and end up doing the guy at the counter in the bathroom. Yeah. If it's fantasy, why not? Anyway. I do not have a G-rated brain.

4. I will take out more loans. And more loans. All so that I don't have to work as many hours this next term. I'm hoping it will be worth it in the end. Or they can come try and take their money out of my ample behind. Can't get blood from a turnip. I'm hoping it will be worth it, though.

5. The reunion was nice, if occasionally stressful. Crazy family. What can you do? My auntie's house was gorgeous Her husband, as always, was funny and warm. It was in California this year since she hosted it. Southern California. It was waaaaay too hot. While Albuquerque had some lovely land and Santa Fe was too beautiful for words, I think I made the right choice coming to Eugene. Well. I could always be inside with air conditioning. I don't do heat well. Anyway, I made it back a week or so ago.

6. A couple more weeks and my classes will be over. I do NOT want to take a summer class again if I can help it. That is all.

Hiatus over? Maybe. I'm still watchin' y'all though. I got my eyes on you. Be good! Or don't get caught.