June 14th, 2007

Coffee Squirrel


I just finished all my finals today. I have NO clue how well or badly I did on them. But I am done! Now to take care of myself and enjoy my week off before starting school again. Unfortunately, the week off doesn't include a week off work. I'm catching up on things now. Those of you who wanted a tape, Eric is making them one by one as we speak. I hope those who asked for one are able to enjoy at least one or two of the songs. tee, hee.

I just watched the movie "American Splendor" which was absolutely lovely. I relate to the grumpy working man. I'm the grumpy working chick. But not now. Oh, no. Right now I'm simply enjoying the fact that I made it through another term alive. YEAH!

I am now chair dancing. And giggling. Eric is shaking his head at me. He always tells me "Stop laughing at the computer! There's nothing funny in there!" Little does he know...Yes. I'm loving this song. I'm bouncing in my chair and should stop before I give myself a black eye with my big old boobs. Later y'all! Some of you will receive phone calls very shortly as I have not been able to get back to anyone what with the school and the work and the oy!

Love to each of you. More later.