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June 5th, 2007 - This is Lula — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Angelic Fruitcake

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June 5th, 2007

Things that must change [Jun. 5th, 2007|11:19 am]
Angelic Fruitcake
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Things that must change if I'm to make it all the way through this schooling thing (which is getting further and further away):

1. I really enjoy being a student. I need to get to a place where that is priority and not stressing about whether I make it to work on time and who will show up and how crappy a day it will be. I need to use the hell out of the insurance for a few things: glasses, getting teeth cleaned, a couple of prescriptions, two specific health issues, etc. Then I have to consider just talking with someone (WHO?) about budgeting and figure out a way to deal with less and get more involved at school. I have a 'meeting' with a lady at work. She knows I'm unhappy there and that if it weren't for The Sicilian, Sugartits and the insurance, and needing rent money, I would have been gone ages ago. Not sure what she wants to meet about since I asked about possibly changing schedules and already got a no. :(

2. Between Spring and Summer Terms, I need to come up with a mind-blowingly good essay that I can tweak and rearrange every now and then and apply for as many scholarships as possible. I just haven't had time, but I realize I must MAKE time or nothing will happen.

3. I want my work-a-day job to be incidental. I want to be able to leave work at work and not wonder if I screwed up, if I take a day off for my own mental health, will I be anally reamed for rent or bills. I don't want to go into the office already tense. I wind up with huge headaches and taking it home in my tightly wound muscles. Need massage badly.

4. I want to be able to attend a couple of groups at school. Clubs at school are free. If I worked less and were able to join the BSA,go to the Women's Center a lot (the two times I did go, they were helpful as far as info. There just isn't a lot of financing unless one is IN a nursing program already). I also want to start a Pagan group.

5. Make strides to be sure I'm attending properly to those who are near me, make time for me and care for me.

There. Five's a good number. Five goals for the immediate future.

Exunt. Off to class. I'm late. We have a guest speaker on Death and Grief in Psychology.  Should be neat.
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