May 12th, 2007

Coffee Squirrel

Sick Day

I'm not going to write long. I called in sick today. I started feeling worse and worse last night. I finished with a =really= entertaining phone call and then felt dizzy after having been sniffly all day. I tried to call in at least 10 times on three different lines that go into the place and it didn't work. I was baffled. I wrote an e-mail to Red from the work e-mail since I saw he had written something work-related not to far before. I let him know what was happening in the e-mail and that I had spent 15 minutes trying to call and that I was done and going to bed.  I meant to call earlier today to let them know I wouldn't be in at 8:30a. Of course I just now got up and it's 11:17a. I didn't see any messages on the answering machine so I'm hoping they got the word as to what was happening.

I HATE that sick taste in the mouth when you wake up after the heavy sleep  that sickness gives you. Gaahh. It's really annoying. I've got too much to do to be sick. Oh,well. It'll get done. It's also annoying as you get a bonus if you don't call in. I may go back to bed for a bit. Then try to get the non-physical stuff out of the way: reading, the take-home exam and such.

More later.