April 30th, 2007

Coffee Squirrel

New Appreciation of Mornings

I really do like mornings. I like mornings on my own terms -- when I have a couple of hours and don't have to immediately jump in the shower, get dressed and run off.  I went to sleep early yesterday -- around 7:30. I forgot to ask Eric to get me up at 9p so I could do some reading and call some folks. Oh, well.

I must have needed the sleep. I didn't get up until 3. Then I went back to sleep until a little after 5:30. The sun was not yet up. It was lovely. I didn't have to rush anywhere. I generally stay up until 1a or later. This means I want to sleep as long as I can. Most of the time, I have no choice about that as I don't get home from work Mondays and Tuesdays until close to 1a.

Anyway, it was SO nice. The sun came up slowly.  I got my clothes together. No, the apartment isn't completely in order despite my cleaning jag the other day, but it's better. I showered and got dressed. I had a lot of thoughts about a story that I've only written two sentences about. I may be up late tonight after work plugging away at it. I caught the bus to school. I had time for a leisurely coffee treat and a banana for breakfast -- and I don't feel hungry!

I'm going to try to work it so that mornings can be mine. I'm getting greedier and greedier -- wanting more and more of my life in my own hands. Shocking. Pretty soon, I'll be wanting a balance with work and life. tee, hee. That's the goal with nursing -- provided I get into and through the program -- work 3 days and then have a life, volunteer, write and live the other days.

Any suggestions if the nursing doesn't work out? I don't know what will happen. But I had this really nice morning. I'm hopeful. Oh, well. Off to class...