April 18th, 2007

Coffee Squirrel


I really like my nerdy math teacher. He peppers his talks with encouraging examples from real life mathmaticians. Apparently, there was an engineer with NASA who forgot to convert measurements from English to metric and caused a satellite to crash into a planet.  This cost NASA millions. This should make me feel less like a loser for forgetting to add a negative sign.

He also told us stories of redemption. In 1992 or so, Andrew Wiles provided a HUGE proof for a great mathmaticians famous last theorem. He forgot a few things. Which left a few holes that were readily poked by fellow math nuts at some sort of theorem-proving hootennany. He was thoroughly embarrassed, yet looked through every single line, came back the next year and BAM! A theorem was proved.

We also talked about fun things like Venn Diagrams and how they are applied outside of math. He's given me hope.

Math and I are becoming friends. Slowly...Sweetly...
Coffee Squirrel

Choose a Filter: Now with added VAGINA POWER!

Okay. I've been considering doing this for a while. I'm splintering off, folks. And those who choose can come with me! I'm adding filters. I'll try to have an entry in at least two of them per week -- even if it's just the general/default one. You can choose from the following. Or not:

VAGINA POWER/PENIS HEAT filter(SHUT UP, 'goat and 'sheep. I hear you laughing. You too, 'fae!): My ramblings on sex. TMI for most. Likely not to be very interesting as I don't have much of that -- but I think about it a lot.

My WRITING filter: Just my thoughts on the process, not likely to post any pieces. If I do have something I wanna share, I'll ask in screened comments for e-mail addresses and send it to you for perusal at your leisure.

FAT filter: No, this won't be attacks on my own body. Just for myself to ramble on my relationship with food, w and such. Boring for most men. Boring for me, too. But I got STUFF to work out.

SCHOOL filter: I will use this to discuss assignments, possibly use as a sounding board for ideas for papers, etc.

HISTORY filter: I will posit random thoughts on historical people, ideas.

I'll add you to the filter of your choice (let me know) OR you can just enjoy the general posts. Thanks!

ETA: there are a couple other filters, but I get to choose who's on those. So there.