April 6th, 2007

Coffee Squirrel

P J Harvey-Down By The Water

I love the 90's PJ. So scary. She even has that twisted mouth like I do when I open it wide; sorry -- if I like you, I'm gonna claim you and make something of yours like mine. I wonder if she's had Bell's Palsy, too? Is it too early for an "I Love the 90's" so they can play all the grunge and early Hip Hop I like? No matter. Enjoy. Before they take =everything= off of Youtube for copyright...
Coffee Squirrel

Third World -- try Bizzaro World.

Okay, it could be because he's lip syncing to one of my favorite Third World songs.

It could be that I want to reach through the monitor and tweak his man boobs.

It could be that he has such a lovely lack of self-consciousness.

It could be that he is actuallly half-way keeping the beat.

Maybe because he seems to have a grand sense of humour about himself and
his body that I'm lacking.

Am I really, really so wrong to find THIS MAN sexy?

Click the link. I found him oddly...compelling: