February 27th, 2007

Coffee Squirrel

Breaking Waves, Reminder to Self

I know things logically that float away -- get too far ahead. I lose sight. I was looking at some headlines: Dow falling and all that. There are sure to be some very upset people worrying about their futures. But there are no guarantees about anything. I'm trying to take joy in doing what I do right now. I see my own definition of success floating out there. It's small on the horizon, yet I'm swimming closer to it. It's changing and morphing, but it does not have a thing to do with what I see people running toward on a treadmill. I'm gong to have to be more careful about what I consume. The whole idea of where I =should= be has made me feel old and like I've been treading water. Treading water and floating in the right direction is better than drowning, no? I am going to try to be right minded about it. Freakin' commercials, shows with product placement, scandal magazines and entertainment 'news' shows are nothing but seaweed. Nothing wrong with 'em as long as you are very conscious of them and don't get tangled up in them. Just a reminder to myself.

It's a small thing, but I see it. I'm hanging with Eric. Still close-yet-far with the family. Taking steps to drop out a bit. Lots of laughter. And helping others. The details will gel on their own or wash up next to me unexpected like inspiration.

That, and I may go back on crazy meds. We'll see. So. Yeah...
Coffee Squirrel


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