January 11th, 2007

Coffee Squirrel

Nick Cave - Into my arms

You tube's having issues! Anyway. This song makes me think of a lot of folks on my f-list. Except in =my= video, people would be laughing and not crying. I like Nick Cave. I can't wait to see his first movie. Anyway, thanks to sannion for reminding me of this song!
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    "Didn't Know at the Time" by Aswad
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Coffee Squirrel

RaggaSonic - bleu blanc rouge

Aaaawww, SNAP! I am SO glad I found this! I should have known Youtube would have it! I would have been embarrassed had you seen how I was just dancing to this video. Eric is grinning ear to ear. One of our favorite reggae/rap groups. RaggaSonic, y'all. RECOGNIZE!
Coffee Squirrel

Laughter Sadness and Snow

A snow day. School was cancelled. I should have put snow day in quotes. It's only a few inches. I'm from Chicago and lived in Minnesota where we know from snow. But here it melts and freezes and makes for bad driving. I have an unexpected day off.  I found a hilarious skit from Dave Chapelle's show on Youtube. And Robert Anton Wilson (more about him here:  http://robertantonwilson.blogspot.com/2007/01/raw-essence.html if you like) dies after years of battling affects of Post-Polio Syndrome. I was actually considering a pilgrimage to see him one weekend since he was on the West Coast. Sad. What a surreal day!