January 9th, 2007

Coffee Squirrel

Longing and Laughter

So. Things are happening. Sugartits had her baby, Sugartits, Jr-- a little girl sure to have her attitude. I have to call her at the hospital tomorrow. Miss M is now a co-worker again! I was SO excited. I was sad that she got laid off from her other job, but was happy she came back to keep us company.

The Sicilian is on crack. He kept me laughing all night tonight. We played our usual game of writing each other lyrics and replacing a pivotal lyric with the word "poop". Yes, we act like 3-year-olds. But you try not to laugh while answering the phone and you see this pop up on your screen:

"I. Pooped myself today.
To see if I could feel.
I focus on the poop --
the only thing that's real" -Nine Inch Nails (with added poop)

Actually, I think Sugartits came up with that one. At any rate, we were playing the poop game. Later, at one point The Sicilian pulled the smelly socks off his feet and put his hand in it and said in a creepy falsetto:

"I'm warm and moist inside! Hi, Lula -- how are you?"

"He has no eyes," notices a co-worker. I pull out a permanent marker and make eyes before I could stop myself. Our supervisor looks over at the sound of the puppet-voice and notices The Sicilian has one bare foot. She cackles hysterically. It's a great release between the alarms going off to be able to laugh so hard -- at silliness and nothing. The Sicilian drove me home and introduced me to "Jedidiah", a character he made up who has a completely different voice than himself. It was impressive and hilarious. He said his dad has five characters and he has three. He is nuts. I don't think there is any other field that he could study aside from psychology. He's minoring in business. I guess that could make him useful just about anywhere.

And damn you -- you know who you are! -- I also had trouble not laughing into the receiver due to thinking of an e-mail (one I was unfortunately too busy to answer) about Axe body spray and armpit vaginas. You will burn in hel for that!

Oh, yeah: I had the first class of the term. It's my Human Development Psych class. We get to talk about children and how they think and learn for the next 10 weeks. Tomorrow? Math and medical terminology.

Coffee Squirrel

Why a Psych Nurse?

I will tell you one of the stories that told me I was going in the right direction. It has to do with dignity.

I was visiting Eric when he was in the hospital in Nashville, TN. Psychiatric Ward at TN Christian Medical Center was the place. I have many issues with it, but not all of them have to do with Eric's time there. I was visiting and was sitting at a table while he went to the smoking room during an assigned smoke break. There was a guy who was about 50-years-old; he was muttering incoherently and walking back and forth. Eric was normal and functional compared to him. I believe he had aphasia and was presenting with a 'word salad' type of pressured speech. A nurse =shouts= from across the room:

"Now, Roy! We aren't going to have a problem with you peeing the bed again tonight, are we?"

I was struck dumb. I thought that was one of the tackiest things EVER. To humiliate a man and put his situation on blast for all to hear -- whether he was able to articulate his displeasure or not. It just struck a negative cord in me. First off it could have been the meds. Clozaril, in some cases, can cause night-time incontinence because it keeps you in such a deep sleep that you don't wake up when there is pressure on your bladder. Why not take some physical things into consideration? Why not make sure he has less water the second half of the day? Why bring this up in the day room when it's packed for visiting hours (and no, he had no one visiting him). I just felt bad for him.

Pride may go before a fall, but we all deserve to have some sort of dignity. It made me sad. And as a Mental Health nurse, I can do my part to help prevent similar scenes.
Coffee Squirrel


Yeah: I'm still at school. I was wandering, killing time until the last bus comes -- which is shortly so I'll be brief.  I walked to the closed cafeteria to get a candy bar from the machine. I was contemplating changing to the morning math class. I =hate=  mornings, but at least it would be out of the way and the rest of the day would be mine. I'm walking, deciding and I hear: "Heeeeeey, Lula!"

I look around and it's Legs. She =always= sees me before I see her. And she's over six feet tall! Perhaps that's why: periscopic vision. Anyway. She said that Holidays had killed her and that she still has my info. She was with someone else. I always think it's a good sign when someone doesn't ignore you when they are with someone else.

Oh, well. I'm sad. That made me happy! It takes so, so little....

ETA: We ended up taking the same bus home, Legs and myself. I found out more about her. We're both in the nursing program. She likes to sing -- wow. Sound and touch are =powerful= to me, even though my right ear is screwed. I hearing the voices of those I like/love and paying attention to the timbre, noticing quivers or scratchiness. I enjoy hearing stories from others because the =sound= of certain voices is so very comforting. Anyway. I learned more!  She played piano for 10 years then she "lost the joy", but it's slowly calling her back. She said if she gets pulled away from nursing it would be for something like music. I really like her and it's taking a lot to keep my recessive stalker gene in check. I'm so sad I'm wanting to leave math where it is so that I can have this time with her each Tuesday and Thursday evening. Go ahead: you can laugh at me. I am!