December 30th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Re-make of The Hitcher

Okay. They've gone too far. One of my favorite Rutger Hauer movies is THE HITCHER. Why? Why must they make a new version with friggin' Sophia Bush from "One Tree Hill"? Does there NEED to be a 'New' version? Rutger Hauer may look like someone's grandma today (thanks for pointing that out...was it YOU, recumbentgoat?) Back in the day, though. Damn. He could have tagged my ass. All day. Every day. What y'all young'uns know about some BLADE RUNNER? I'm talkin' in the theater, bitches! What y'all know about Mr. Roy Batty? See. Pays to be as old as my ass is...

Seriously, though. They only want a quick buck. Couldn't they have chosen a movie I don't like as much to remake into a steaming pile of crap? Just. No.