December 23rd, 2006

Coffee Squirrel


Eric's birthday is tomorrow. Then Christmas. I work both days. Tomorrow I work a double: 8:30a to 12:30a. It's gonna suck, but The Sicilian is out of the country. I agreed to cover a shift last week and this shift so that he could go. Others volunteered as well. I will be getting time and a half for part of it and for my FULL shift on Christmas day. I can feel already it won't be easy, though. It's already going to be kind of lonely holiday and I won't even be able to hang out with Eric.

I got him a gift certificate for a local coffee shop and a DVD of "The Little Rascals" to keep him busy, though. I think he'll like them both. He doesn't like modern movies most of the time. Something about the postmodern ennui or jumping around just lose him.

Well, I don't know that I'll be up for posting tomorrow. Merry Christmas one and all!