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December 16th, 2006 - This is Lula — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Angelic Fruitcake

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December 16th, 2006

(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2006|07:08 pm]
Angelic Fruitcake
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Eric and I watched a few movies. SYLVIA was the first. I don't like Gwyneth Paltrow much as an actress. I knew what she was trying to do here and it didn't work. There was a disconnect between all the action they followed and where she ended up -- suicide. I actually think Plath worked hard and had a way with words. The movie was slow. It was not compelling. It was a Valentine to Plath without giving a full picture of who she was, I think. IRIS was a much better biopic, in my opinion.

Eric made me laugh after watching Sylvia, though. He said: "How does anyone know what good poetry is, anyway?" He let his tone fall. He spoke from the depths of his voice, mocking the film: "Blackness! Darkness! Oooh, What does that =mean=? I mean, you could say anything with a little emotion and -- suddenly I'm deep!"

Eric loves puns. He gets taken by alliteration. Palindromes positively possess him. Homonyms catch his ear, too. He mixes up words and has fun. He's given me permission to post two of his 'works' ('plays') here:
Eric's Fun with WordsCollapse )
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Bald Black Bold [Dec. 16th, 2006|07:53 pm]
Angelic Fruitcake

Skunk Anansie - Selling Jesus. I had forgotten how much I =loved= them. I'm really psyched now to find some more kick as bald black women. I need to be inspired. Watch this space for Bald Black Bitches...if you can take it! Tee, hee.
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Meshell Ndegeocello If That's Your Boyfriend (1994) [Dec. 16th, 2006|08:03 pm]
Angelic Fruitcake
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More Bald Black Beauteousness. Fierce, ain't she? Don't hate the player, hate the game. For Meshell with kick your ass all over town. And I would watch out for the psycho in the hair rollers, too! LOL! She speaks about women and their love and hate for each other.
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Grace Jones - Vamp Striptease (No Commentary) [Dec. 16th, 2006|08:23 pm]
Angelic Fruitcake

Beneath her Ronald McDonald wig, white make up and blue contacts, Grace. Jones. Is. Bald. Gotta love the stunned silence of the audience. Yes: "Vamp" was a very '80's movie. But Grace still stuns...
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Skin: Purple [Dec. 16th, 2006|08:43 pm]
Angelic Fruitcake

Okay. I'm cheating. This is Skin again. After Skunk Anansie broke up. I'm mad for the woman and wish she had caught on here. And I'm spent. I'm certain there are more bald lovelies, but I'm done for the night.
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