December 6th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Geese and Fog and Leather Jackets

A few weeks ago, Red tried on my leather jacket. He's a supervisor at work. It looked fabulous on him. It made him look so sleek and stylish. He's already a sexy man. The sleeves weren't long on his as they are on me. Of course, he's over six feet. He could pull it around his chest as he doesn't have massive tits hanging from his. It was the same article of clothing. I FEEL good when I where it. He LOOKED fabulous when he wore it. I wonder how I look in it? I just found it kind of interesting how people can transform what they hold/wear/'own'. How do I make my jacket my own? Do people think of me when they see a similar jacket or am I associated with those they've seen in a jacket of a similar cut? Do you know people that you associate with an item of clothing they wear or a piece of jewelry? I've switched to wearing my warmer, lined wool jacket with the logo from the advertising company I used to work for on the back. Of course now Red asks about 'his' leather jacket whenever I see him. I tell him I don't wear it because he's a thief and would steal it. I would consider giving it to him, but it's become a talismanic posession for me. I love wearing it and will don it again when it gets a bit warmer.

A couple of months ago, I was walking from the bus stop to work. I was going through the parking lot. There were huge winged creatures strutting around, staring at me with their disarming, flat eyes. The feathered fiends were almost as big as me. I backed slowly to the door and scanned my access card, not letting them out of my sight, and pushed my way into the office. Geese. Are. Scary. Birds. When seen up close.

I ran errands and accompanied Eric to an appointment today. It was foggy. I loved it. The sun burned a bit of it away by the time we arrived at his dentist's office. When we left the fog was back and thicker. I greatly enjoy the surreality it adds to the day. And now that the moon is above, the fog adds beautiful, multi-colored rings to the light it reflects back to Eric and myself we sat in our lawn chairs on the cement back patio smoking. Just gorgeous. It made me grateful to be procrastinating. I was putting off studying for my last two exams tomorrow. I hope I see Legs again. Speaking of procrastination: I also watched the second disk of "Big Love", the HBO series. I LOVE it. The writing is subtle and funny. Watch out for the second wife. Pity the third. Rent it for yourself and enjoy! I better get back to the books. Later, lovers...