December 4th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Halfway there...

I took two exams today. I've got two more to go. Before that, though, this happened:

I was sitting in the cafeteria before my first exam. I was just reviewing things. I was also kind of unintentionally eavsdropping on a group of three boys sitting across from me. They were talking about Ron Jeremy and a film in which he is shown giving himself oral sex. Funny. Crass to be talking so loudly about it, but *shrug* forgiveable young kid stuff. I was sipping my hot chocolate and eating a slice of cake. I had to eat something before I took my meds. I was finally able to get a prescription from the clinic at school and get it filled for $4 at Walmart. As much as I hate to support their evil, I have no insurance and care for my own health more.

I was flipping through the material, knowing I wasn't going to be able to remember everything. I saw a shadow and turned to see Legs walk by, throw herself into a chair and fall forward with her face buried in her hands. I registered it was her. I became concerned. Then she lifted her head and smiled.

"I hate finals!" she said. "I am SO drained and overly emotional right now. And I was offered a TA position in the Psych Dept. Good and bad."

Drama queen. I couldn't help but smile, though.

"Are you ready for the Nutrition final? Did you have one other final already today?"

Her eyes widen: "I had THREE finals already!" I became more sympathetic to her dramatics. "I don't know. I guess I'm ready."

We chatted a bit and she left me to study. Of course, by then I was so pleased to talk to her and giddy from social contact that I couldn't study. It was almost time for my first exam anyway. It went okay, if spotty. I forgot a section of one of the main concepts. It was all essay, so at least I'll get credit for what I DID remember. This was my Ethics class.

Then I saw Legs again at my Nutrition exam. And this exam was MUCH easier than I thought it would be. So. This could mean either hubris on my part or that I actually understand the concepts. My fingers are crossed. I finished earlier than expected. I kind of wanted to wait around for Legs but didn't. At the bus stop, I talked to a guy who was in my Ethics class. We discussed the exam. We both expressed dismay at how many pages we had to write: 8 pages, long-hand for each of us. Our wrists were aching from all the essays. But at least it was done. We had a pleasant converstation that continued on the bus. I was disappointed that Legs didn't show. I'm sure she caught the next bus. With the disappointment, though, came the hope that the fact that we didn't ride the bus together that day reminded her that she's got my phone number in her contact list on her cell. Perhaps she'll call...

Next: Two exams this Thursday -- Psychology and Math. That said, I better go and catch the bus to work.