November 23rd, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

The Colored Conjurers

Okay, I was doing some research on JULIE DASH, Director of DAUGTHERS OF THE DUST. On IMDB, the latest mention is of a new film being in pre-production. I'm VERY happy to hear this, but, I went to her site and am WAY more interested in THE COLORED CONJURERS. I hope she hasn't shelved this effort. I found this e-mail attached to the site: -- I wrote a note asking about this project. Who knows if it will reach her let alone do any good. But it's a public site, so I don't feel bad asking anyone who has seen or is interested in Daughters of the Dust to write JULIE DASH and ask about The Colored Conjurers.

That said: Happy Thanksgiving, all. And thanks, seventyeleventy for the paintings. I hope this gets you closer to Paris!