November 21st, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Moving on...

I love it when perspective happens. I got back home and I was actually smiling. And a friend's post made me laugh out loud about my previous post's tone. I don't think any apology that Richard's offered up for his behaviour means anything. It makes me laugh harder. And I make no apologies for getting annoyed.

I'm just feeling now how much richer my life is than anything Richards' petty outrages could describe on his best day. Who really cares what a washed up sitcom star's views on race are? It's about the weight of a feather -- even in his own life. What has he traded so that he could seem like a big man 'standing up' to two MEN who heckled him at a show? I'm going to leave the post up because it is what it is and I was feeling horrified, wtf laughter at his way of handling what any good comedian should be able to let wash over him like water. Really. How clever of him. Hmmm: being interrupted means going racist and postal? Not. Truly, one must balance standing up for onesself with knowing what has the capacity to damage. Shame has visited him and the most damage he's done is to himself. Those guys did the right thing just walking out on that pathetic man. Why does it matter? Why does he matter? Too bad the rest of the audience didn't follow immediately. I'm walking out now.

Seriously,*shrug* Enough energy on him. It's fall. And a girl's fancy turns to... Sweet long distance boy flirtations, living vicariously through co-workers and leggy classmates asking how my weekend was while collecting red fallen leaves. After the sickness of seeing that tape -- as Eric said there's no shock that people still have racist ideas. After that I had the shy delight of someone interested in my day and sharing my shock that there are only two weeks and a set of finals before this term is done. Perhaps I'll screw my courage to the sticking point and ask her to have some coffee to celebrate having made it through half the rainy season.

I'm always inspired by you, boo. How did you get so wise beyond your years? Thank you for light and anger. And vision. You know how to be merrily, violently Eristic and I love and trust you for it, you mashugine goy-boy...
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